Big chain stores and new technology

The truth is that brick and mortar stores really need to work hard in order to compete with one another. These big chain stores are using technology in various ways in order to up their game. Technology is being used in order to provide customers with excellent in-store experiences.

There are many examples of these....

Have you heard of Nike's Speed shop? We thought not, neither had we. So to set the record straight this speed store is a flagship store, which is situated in New York.

You can pick your shoes online, and then you come in. You go through a special entrance and then you will find a locker with your name on. This locker can only be unlocked via your own smartphone.

Mobile check out is also an option and you will not need to interact with any humans.

Have you heard of the Amazon Go automated check-out system? Well Go Stores actually make use of a special app. With this revolutionary software, people are able to go to shops and leave. They can buy whatever they want and pick up things. They don't need to spend time in queues or checking out. How cool is that?

Have you tried Targets mobile wallet? This has been around for a few years. The main Target stores which make use of the mobile wallet have been able to making paying much quicker. Users are literally able to pay with their Target card. They also can get excellent discounts applied.

The examples are endless. However we need to share with you our absolute favorite of all time. This Audi's insane VR showroom. This showroom is a complete virtual reality experience.

Customers can configure their dream car, and create it. The experience of buying a car has just gotten 5 million times better.