Video Creation and SEO

Syndicate your videos with Local Video SEO

Video is hot right now. Video is a great way to get personal with your customer and send your conversions through the roof. Video sites like You Tube, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, Viddler and Veoh are getting great exposure. Videos are now showing up in the Google Search results. So, we will do some amazing Video SEO for your Local Business. And it’s extremely affordable.

Our approach is really simple. Just get something on video. We can then edit it, add music, add your URL to the video and then distribute the video to over 2o video sites like You Tube. In addition we use video on your personal Blogsite that we create.

Video really helps with conversions…. it allows customers to connect with you and have an inside peak into your business. Most of the time we will go into your business and shoot with a basic video camera. Or we will send clients a camera for some quick shots. Or go buy a Flip camera for $150 and shoot your own video. Send us the camera we will upload your footage, edit it and distribute it.

We have access to professional video companies that are nationwide. These services due charge about $1000 – $1800 per shoot so its not for every local business. Its up to you…the point is, just get something on video.

When you sing up for any of our SEO packages; video, video editing and video SEO is included.