Why we love the digital world

All of us on the team for one reason or another are totally obsessed with the digital world. We love all things technology for one reason or another.

We are going to share with you, some of our personal stories. We hope that they will inspire you and they will give you insight into why we love the world that we do.

John’s story

Let’s start with John. John is one of the top members in our team. He never grew up with computers. The moment the first computer came up and he had enough money he bought it.

He worked at different jobs, always saving for the next best computer. He carried on doing this and he still does this today. John now has a few computers; one of his best computers is his gaming machine. You don't even need to be a gamer to see how impressive this thing really is. 

John has taught himself to code. He has been coding for years on end and he is completely self-taught. He is kind of a big deal in the digital world. He has worked for some really big brands. The names are so big that we can't mention them right here right now.

He is a bit of a quirky character. He is totally obsessed with Game of Thrones. His entire study is filled with Game of Thrones memorabilia. As you can imagine he has a really good collection of stuff. He says in a few years it will be worth a fortune. Although we know it is already worth a fortune and he is just being modest.

John loves the digital world because he says that it is in his blood. He says he was born to be a nerd and he is a really good one too.

Alex’s story

Alex is our software guy. He is a guru when it comes to software. He is the best guy in the world to update your programs. He knows every single software program inside and out. The software programs that he does not know, he learns very quickly.

For some reason he understands software and how it works. It is no surprise that he has been working in software companies since the day he came out of school. His love for software has never failed him.

After working right at the bottom at a few software companies he slowly started working his way up. He proved his loyalty a million times over. Eventually he reached senior positions in some really good companies. He was in charge of all the important stuff.

Today he works for himself and is proud to be his own boss. He has his own company in the software space. He also has quite a number of people working with him. He has done very well for himself and it all started out with a fascination many years ago.

He says he loves the digital work because it keeps upgrading which challenges him. He says he will only stop working in the software industry when he can no longer see anymore. He thinks by then they would have invented advanced technology for people to see, so even that wouldn't stop him.

Daniels story

Daniel has never really known his place in the world. He has always been different to everyone else. He has never really fitted in anywhere. That was until apps came along. 

Daniel is the "go to guy" for anything app related. In fact, he can help almost anybody with any app. He has a love for cell phones and everything geeky.

When he was younger the girls always came to him with phone problems. Unfortunately he never ended up getting the girls. He was always friend zoned. Now things are different he is married to a beautiful women and he has two wonderful children.

Daniel started learning how to fix cell phones from a young age. He always enjoyed taking things a part and putting it back together. His real passion came when he developed the apps which he did.

All these apps can be found on the Google Play store. Each one serves a different function but they all are totally amazing. He has an excellent team who develops the apps and who checks for bugs.

He can be found all hours of the day and night on his phone. He says that computers are too big and overrated. His cell phones are always top of the range. He usually has a couple at a time.

Daniel says he loves the digital world because it is a place where he fits in. He says he is finally good at something that people actually admire. He loves trying and testing new apps.