About Us

We are a bunch of complete nerds if we had to be honest. We all love technology, the digital world and the latest technology and digital news. It was our love for all of these things that made us start this site. When we started it we never knew that it would grow into what it is today.

It is our aim to provide the world with the latest and greatest digital news. We promise to always try our best to give our honest opinions. In some cases we may share our personal views.

We also love trying out new technologies ourselves. One of us at least always has the latest cell phone. We all love gaming on all different consoles. We also always are reading and researching the latest digital news and information. We do our utmost best to provide the public with the truth.

We do not "sugar coat" things and if a big company doesn’t live up to our expectations we call them out on it. We also have a pool of people that we consult with and check in on regularly.

Although we can't name these people, we can tell you that some of them consist of very high end technology news writers and reporters. We also have some personal connections with people who work for the big technology companies.

All in all, no matter what happens, we can assure you that it doesn’t get past us. When it comes to all things nerdy, especially nerdy news, we are the first to know about it. We live and breathe technology and the digital world. We are here to bring you the very best news sources from around the world.