TH-Local map optimization

Is Your business Ranking in the top 7 on Google Maps?

Search has turned local. There is a reason why the paper yellow page companies are filing bankruptcy. Search is moving online and its going local. Google shows a map as the top listing when performing a search with a city name.

Additionally Google is also displaying a map even when you don’t specify a city. So when searching “what you need”, “BMW repair” in this example Google knows what city my computer is in and will display a map on the first page.


TH-New Local Search Tool

So we are officially rolling out the local search tool checker. This tool will help your business understand how well they are optimized for local search.

In addition the Local Citation Finder will help you discover new citations in order to beat your competition in Google local.

In the next week we are launching the local dashboard where you ca manage your local business from one single page.

Stay tuned…….



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